About KOHILO Wind

KOHILO Wind turbines are unique in that they condition the wind through a diffuser system not used in traditional turbines, which in turn harnesses the energy more efficiently and increases power production. This elevates the potential for wind turbines drastically, making the clean energy source a reality even in urban environments. The nucleus of KOHILO is its unparalleled technology that has “stayed home” in Central New York.

Based in Skaneateles Falls, NY, international distributor agreements as well as domestic partnerships have allowed us to provide energy across the globe from the Philippines to South America.  Contact us today.

KOHILO’s goal is to preserve the environment and empower people towards change by offering affordable green energy solutions that are built to last for generations.

The Inventor

Derek Grassman

At KOHILO, our mantra is “necessity is the mother of invention.” The “Vortex” was born from Derek Grassman’s vision to actively involve more people in the transformation of the American energy industry by directly influencing an increase in wind energy sources. Derek devised the technology behind the “Vortex” after living off grid in Upstate New York using a horizontal axis wind turbine and diesel generator. He noticed there were many flaws in the conventional wind turbines he had purchased and he was determined to overcome these obstacles. Derek, a nature enthusiast and mechanical engineer, came up with a design that is economical, efficient and environmentally friendly.

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