KOHILO Quantum

Technical Description

The “QUANTUM” is a powerful and complete clean energy system consisting of a 3-kilowatt turbine atop a 12 foot tower. The entire system breaks down into its base, creating a safe and convenient shipping capsule with all electronics pre-installed at KOHILO’s manufacturing facility, ensuring the highest standards of quality control. The system may be grid-tied allowing for net metered applications and because of the exoskeleton encased turbines, cost-effective system expansion may be realized by stacking additional turbines.

The electric grid in a 4-foot cube

  • Truly ”plug and play” operation
  • All electronics pre-installed at factory ensuring highest quality control standards
  • Simple and easy installation procedure
  • Fully deployable within 4-hours of system delivery
  • Outlets and circuits mounted to cube (base) of system
  • Full range of DC and AC power for extreme versatility
  • Remote WiFi monitoring
  • System incorporates Trojan batteries that charge with prevailing winds enabling the use of energy on demand during power outages
  • Exoskeleton encased, stackable turbines affording cost-effective expansion

QUANTUM Includes

  • 1- 3-Kilowatt KOHILO VORTEX turbine
  • 4-Trojan storage batteries
  • Capacitor Bank
  • Inverter
  • Charge Controller
  • WiFi Remote Monitoring
  • Tower
  • Waterproof Enclosure Containing All Electronics


Cut-in speed 1.3m/s (2.9 mph)
Power Generation Range 1.3m/s – 56m/s (2.9 mph – 125 mph)
Maximum Output 3,900 Watts
Turbine Dimension 3.5 ft. (height) x 7.6 ft. (diameter)
Tower Dimension 7 ft. – 9 ft. (height)
Weight 69 lbs.
Noise < 38 dB (equivalent of a quiet room)
Generator Multi-Stage Axial Flux
Installation Height Recommendation 10 ft. above obstructions
Braking System Dynamic load





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