KOHILO Cyclone

KOHILO’s CYCLONE megawatt series of wind turbines are poised to become an industry leader, offering the highest return on investment and lowest Levelized Cost of Electricity in the wind energy stratum.

KOHILO’s CYCLONE turbine invests a much higher amount of resources in power production by eliminating the largest cost component of a wind energy project, instead utilizing it as additional swept area. In essence, rather than ascending higher to permit larger blades and an associated wind capture area, the CYCLONE maximizes its swept area, and in turn power output, at significantly lower altitudes.

Technical Description

The 1.6 Megawatt wind energy system weighs 126 tons and is 241 feet in height with a 328 foot base (@ 7.5m/s wind speed), thus giving the CYCLONE a swept area of 2.04 acres requiring 39 unobstructed acres for peak performance. This wide stance and low profile drastically reduces footer requirements and their associated costs due to the generators being at ground level and the axiom of the system’s weight decreasing as its height increases; these design characteristic reduce stress on the CYCLONE’s base. Further, the cogent design of the CYCLONE decidedly decreases the formidable costs associated with the transportation and installation of the wind turbine and tower and the construction of access roads and other related infrastructure required for the project.

Features & Benefits

  • Highest industry capacity factor translating to significantly increased investment returns
  • Lowest Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) in industry
  • 30% less annual O&M costs than industry standard
  • Monitoring sensors providing ‘real time’ data for optimum performance and reduced downtime
  • System incorporates Trojan batteries that charge with prevailing winds enabling the use of energy on demand thereby levelizing consumption
  • Available in both 50Hz and 60Hz versions for global suitability

1.6 Megawatt Turbine

Average Mean Wind Speed Graph
Wind Speed Graph

Highest Capacity and Lowest Cost of Energy

Highest Industry Capacity Factor .599% @ 7.5m/s (15% greater than leading competitor)
AEP 8,391,455 kWh
Lowest Industry Cost of Energy1 $.019/kWh
Annual O&M Costs $32/kW (30% less than leading competitor)
Anticipated Project IRR2 ≥ 30% (Breakeven Point = Between Years 2 – 3)

LCOE Comparative Analysis


  • Cut-in speed = Under 1.5m/s (3 mph)
  • No cut-out speed as an air choke is utilized to limit airflow during wind speeds above 11m/s (24.6mph), providing max output in high winds by regulating the airflow through a mechanical louver system near the core of the turbine
  • Blade material = Aircraft aluminum with survival speed in excess of 65m/s with use of air choke
  • 100% functionality of generators in temperatures below 40°C. Includes a cooling system contained within converter enclosure to maintain temperatures below 40°C. Generators will operate in temperatures above 135°C with slightly reduced power generation


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